Media Create chart data and Famitsu scores

No Vita games in Japan's Media Create chart this week, dominated as it is by Switch titles with Octopath Traveler at No. 1 But that hasn't stopped the Vita from selling with sales up 650 on last week up to 4,112 this week, as it steams away from the recent 2K and 3K lows.

No idea why, given that Japanese releases are down to a trickle and pretty much all focus is on the Switch. Dark Quest 5 and Radio Hammer Station were out this week (both download only, I think) but hardly system sellers.

On the non-Vita front, Idea Factory's decision to bring Mary Skelter 2 to PS4 only bombed, with the game only selling 10K, down from 18K on the Vita launch of the original.

Over in Famitsu land, Collar x Malice: Unlimited (out next week) is the only Vita game to get rated this week, scoring a mixed bag of 9/8/9/7 for a total score of 33/40.