The Deer God will stalk the Vita early next year

Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games bring pixel platform adventure The Deer God, to the Vita and PS4 early next year. Already a PC and mobile hit, released in 2015, The Deer God takes players on a journey of spiritual reincarnation where the hunter becomes the hunted.

Set in a colorful 3D pixel art world, players explore vast landscapes, tackle challenging puzzles to unlock skills and abilities, while avoiding hunters and other dangerous enemies in the quest for survival.

The story follows a hunter as he attempts to take out the largest buck for bragging rights. His expedition takes a turn for the worst when he gets mauled to death and comes face to face with The Deer God. Reincarnated as a fawn, the hunter returns to his world and must stay alive as he traverses a procedurally generated world.

Players are granted one life and feed to replenish their health. As fawns progresses through the day and night cycles in the game, they mature, allowing them to mate with doe and have offspring.