No, a network error has not occurred, you stupid Vita

The earlier firmware update has provided a bit of a boost to my Vita's download speed, so good for that, and for Sony for keeping plugging away. But then I got playing some games, and realised something horrible is happening that Sony really should fix across all titles.

Basically, whenever your Vita goes to sleep or you turn it off for a while, most recent games have a panic attack about network access. No there isn't a network error, I merely turned off this so called smart computer, or it turned itself off, in which case it should know about the change in state.

So, Sony, for your next piddly .01 of a firmware update, how about you make this message go away. It never affects us, except in multiplayer, when you'd get kicked back to the lobby anyway. The network soon picks back up again, and all is well, making this a pointless, redundant warning that just gets in the way. I never see smartphones do this, so why should the Vita?