PSN EU Update, Gravity Crash goes Ultra and the sale continues

After the dismal Gamescom showing, Sony keeps pushing the indies out with the quirky cross-buy title Hohokum and the hectic Gravity Crash Ultra. There's also more One Piece and Dynasty Warriors DLC, plus an update on the summer sale.

 Hohokum (Cross-Buy PS4/PS3/Vita) £9.99/€12.99/$19.45
Gravity Crash Ultra £5.79/€6.99/$10.45

The sale continues on the Vita this week with some new price cuts, most including an extra 10% off PS+ subscribers, with 20% off in a few cases. There's a £10 off Soul Sacrifice Delta, price cuts on recent new releases like Cel Damage and God of War, there's also some PSP titles add for old-school gamers.

Ace Combat Joint Assault + ACI DLC 3.99/€4.99/$7.55
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate £11.99/€14.99/$24.95
Cel Damage HD £3.29/€3.99/$5.95
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z £14.99/€17.99/$26.95 20% additional PS Plus discount
DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition £14.99/€19.99/$24.95 10% additional PS Plus discount
Ethan: Meteor Hunter £3.99/€4.99/$7.55
God of War® Collection (PSV) £13.99/€16.99/$25.95
LIMBO £3.99/€4.99/$7.55
LUFTRAUSERS £3.99/€4.99/$7.55 20% additional PS Plus discount
Mortal Kombat £11.99/€14.99 Rayman Legends £11.99/€14.99/$22.95
Rayman Origins now £6.99/€9.99/$14.95
RIDGE RACER £6.99/€9.99/$14.95
RIDGE RACER – Ultimate Edition £9.99/€12.99/$19.45
Soul Sacrifice Delta now £14.99/€17.99/$26.95
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark £3.99/€4.99/$7.55
SteamWorld Dig £3.99/€4.99/$7.55 20% additional PS Plus discount
Uncharted: Golden Abyss £11.99/€14.99/$22.95
Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition £4.29/€5.19/$7.85
Worms Revolution Extreme now £5.79/€6.99/$10.45