The Bullet Girls offering some Dramatic Lingerie

Now that's how to grab an audience. Here's the latest clip from D3 showing off Shade's theoretically sexy Bullet Girls with their massive weapons and tiny pants. There's plenty of in-game action, lots of shooting, and highly questionable jiggling about in their underwear.

UPDATE: Guess the jiggling did its job as the games scored 30/40 in the new Famitsu. 

Then again, I suppose if America is allowed bikini calenders with girls packing Armalites and hand cannons, Japan can get away with this. The fact these weapons largely deal damage by shooting bits of clothes off just adds to the dumb-factor. There's also tanks and helicopters to take down, and the levels, while a little sparse, offer opportunities for cover-and-shoot, sniping and some diet tactics.

As for the tickling, spanking, mild torture scenes of your defeated opponents near the end, I wouldn't expect them to make it into any western release, should that ever happen.