Sega predicting a rise in its Vita sales and more games, but which ones?

After Capcom and Namco reported happy profits, Sega seems less certain, with a cautious tone in its latest report, predicting around 20% rises in coming over 2014/15. It did highlight PSO 2 as its leading digital title on PC and Vita, perhaps suggesting a western release at some point. But there's no breakdown of Football Manager sales, yet.

It does expect a rise in Vita activity up from 520,000 sales in 2013 (3 SKUs, Hatsune Miku, PSO2, Samurai & Dragons), a weak 330,000 (5 SKUs, Puyo Tetris, Let's Make a Soccer Manager, Football Manager, HM2nd, ????) in 2014 up to almost 800,000 sales for 2015, based on 7 SKUs (that's one product in one territory, so not seven distinct titles).

Phantasy Star Nova is one upcoming title, a western release for Hatsune Miku 2nd makes another two SKUs (Europe and America), but not sure what else it has up its sleeve! Any thoughts. None of the new Sonic games were announced for Vita as far as I recall, perhaps a change is coming at E3?