Football Manager Classic shows off its portable match engine

No longer do Vita-owning fantasy football managers have to stare at mere words and numbers.

No longer will it be left to our imaginations to chart the rise of Chorley FC storming up the league.

Now you can see it all in glorious colour and pixels, as Sports Interactive take the lid of the new Vita Football Manager match engine. It adds the touchline to your train journey, bus commute and any other place, just as well as your career can go down the toilet! And its out this week.... Gooooallll!

UPDATE: The game is out now on PSN at £29.99, or £26.99 for PS+ subscribers. Reviews mostly seem very positive, if you can put up with some slow loading times.

With the Vita bundle coming too, could this be the system seller that Sony so badly needs? The cross-save with the PC version (patch for the PC version now live) could really help. Think it seems odd with no commentary, it'd only be some has-been full back shouting "back of the net" and "stroked it like a minx." More info on the PSN blog.