Sony admits it has no Vita games for 2014

So, there I was filling in the EU PSN's game of the year awards form (Tearaway, tick) when I noticed the last category was 'most anticipated game of 2014.' Not a single new PS Vita game on that list, nada, not a bean, not even TxK. Couldn't they have just picked one from the release list?

Now the fan in me simply goes, well they haven't announced anything yet. However, I'm pretty sure Sony won't commit many more resources, third-parties certainly won't and it's down to indies and Japanese translations to fill the void. 

Perhaps there's one big game out there (beyond HD remakes), being worked on by a western developer, but with every man-and-dog knowing it won't sell, I think we've reached the natural conclusion of Sony's ambition here. 

Good job I like indies and Japanese games, but the supply of both could dwindle fast by the second half of the year, if focus moves to PS4, which probably outsold UK Vita's installed base after about day 4. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I have a bad feeling about this!

Also, in other news, some people have no sense of humour, irony or brains!