Sony reps promising big December for Vita and, maybe, a brighter future

Indie Don Shahid Ahmad was tweeting away yesterday, promising lots of good things coming for the Vita in December, with Tempest TxK and others in the running for release. Luftrausers looks like it has been delayed into 2014, but there's lots to come, check his tweets.

Across the pond,  Adam Boyes, was talking to Kotaku about Sony's more strategic plans for the Vita, he seems to think PS4 owners with Remote Play will likely go some way to help save the Vita, which should help get bigger developers back on board. Sony's scheme to get JRPGs and long lost games is also part of the plan, which along with the indie horde, should generate some interest.

However, 2013 has been another crap year for the Vita outside Japan, without a GTA or Gran Turismo to help it along. Even Square don't seem too bothered about bringing Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD over. That lack of interest will be very hard to overcome no matter how well the sales do, given the increasing focus on the new consoles and mobile.

Tearaway is 2013's big Vita game and the one advert I've seen is rubbish, which suggests to me Sony has now idea how to capture the interest of family or future gamers. Perhaps sacking its current marketing team, or the company that produces its adverts is one way forward. Any other ideas on how to give the Vita more appeal to the wider world, beyond those of us already committed to the cause?