iPhone finally gets some buttons to mash up the Vita

The iPhone and Android pretty much managed to squash mobile gaming without the need for buttons and directional controls. But now its even on that front too with the much anticipated release of MOGA's new controller this week.

Sure, its butt ugly and most iPhone owners wouldn't want to sully their sleek device with this massive cludge, but for those who want to play tens of thousands of games properly, there's now a big plus point when making a buying decision.

This and other devices like the simpler and less-ugly Logitech Powershell (below) will take advantage of some new code in iOS 7 to enable proper gameplay controls, expect phone shops to bundle it with gaming offers and all of a suddenly it becomes a normal part of mobile life.

However, it still looks like crap and most games will still show their touch interface controls, unless rewritten, ruining the effect somewhat. Still with similar devices coming from other makers like Logitech, it won't be long before all games are designed with these in mind and offering a more integrated experience.

These things are pretty pricey, $99 for the MOGA, so its not exactly an automatic purchase, and the Vita is established enough (just) not to fear this trend, but any future Vita successor will likely take its cues from this, as Xperia phone sales rise faster than the current Vita model. Basically any PSP3 will  be a smartphone first.