Gamescom Predictions, taxi for the Vita?

With mere hours until Sony's PS4 pre-re-launch thingy, a Vita Hail-Mary pass and some other news, here's what I think we'll get from Gamescom, in the however many minutes of time Sony gives it among all the next-gen hoopla.

  • One "oh my God" third-party game announcement, on the basis that if something isn't announced now, the Vita won't get an inch of headlines (beyond the "doomed" variety). This will also help cover up for the lack of other developer support for the Vita. Hopefully it won't be a Bioshock-fiasco non-announce, but any game is likely to be some way down the release line. 
  • A price-cut, not massive, and Sony will focus on bundles and perhaps reduced game prices (Best of range) and a cut in memory card prices, or perhaps the announcement of licensed third-party cards. 
  • Lots of stuff we already know about. If Sony spends five minutes on the Vita and half that time is wasted on Killzone and Tearaway, then I might just cry. 
  • Perhaps the PS4/Vita bundle, but what about a PS3/Vita bundle for those not wanting to take up the cutting edge? Lets face it, there will be a dozen PS4 games or so, but a PS3/Vita combo offers hundreds of titles. 
  • Some Gaikai news, this has gone quiet since the buy-out but Sony will want something for those PS4 buyers to do once they've got bored of those launch games.
  • Coverage of indie games where some proper games used to be (sorry to be churlish about this, but while I'm having great fun with these games I signed up for a Vita to play Monster Hunter, Ace Combat, GTA and so on). 
  • Perhaps some more Japanese Vita titles heading west, but with little third-party interest, probably not much. 
Anything you can think of that might turn up, or that should be on the list? Realistically, what could this mega-game be and will any publishers turn up to support the Vita? Add a comment on how many minutes you think the Vita will get dedicated to it and kudos could be yours.


  1. This would get me excited:

    Little Big Planet Karting
    Assassin's Creed follow-up
    Grand Tourismo
    Call of Duty Ghosts

  2. The one "Oh my god" game was Borderlands 2, the one i already told you about, so the Neogaf guy was right. Lego Marvel is pure shit, but, as its been announced on the event, I think it will be a complete port from the big consoles, and not another little recut for Vita.

    As you said, lot of stuff we already know, and thats is all about PS4/Vita Cross Play and indies licking asses (which isnt bad, but since the E3 has become to excesive and today Sony licked a lot of asses).

    No bundle of PS4-Vita and no Gaikai for the moment. I understand that for Q3/Q4 2014 Gaikai will take the first steps so only rumors and official updates will come till GDC/E3 comes next year with all the info.

    You signed up for a Vita for all those games, as all of us. But for the moment, Sony today has finally told the user that no third parties support is coming soon, at least, the Vita grows in sales.

    This is what Sony told (or confirmed, depending or your perception about what is happening with Vita) today to their fans, if you read between lines since E3 came and no Vita Heaven 2 Event happened:

    “We dont have any third party working hard for us in AAA games, as Vita productions arent profitable and the console isnt selling. We´ve convinced Gearbox to do a port for Borderlands 2 and we have -only- another two contracts for 2014, but we wont announced it until E3, so dont expect big titles till Q3 2014. If the console have more market with this price cut, things could change.

    Speaking about us, we have all our first parties working or helping for PS4, except the small divisions from studios like Sony Japan who will be doing little games. Dont expect anything soon from us, except our fantastic indie games, which should sell you the console, right?

    Yes, our console is fucked up, on our side, and on thirds side. We will keep this situation till the console have enough market… Some day”


    But ey, Borderlands 2 is really cool, isnt it? :p


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