Thomas Was Alone hits PSN, free for PS+ subs

Four games out for the Vita (two for PSP) users this week. Thomas is Alone from Curve is free for PS+ subscribers, £5.99 for other users. Apart from being a lie (he's not alone for very long) this is a highly stylish puzzler that plays way beyond its simplistic looks. It also comes with two of the easiest trophies ever, jump 1,600 times and die 100 times you can do in about five minutes.

Draw Slasher is a touchscreen-heavy game that take its riff from the many dicing iOS games out there, while PSP and Vita users can go for some more traditional blade action in the form of Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi. Finally, there's the much awaited Black Rock Shooter on PSP for those who like a little more kinetic action.

Also, remember Sound Shapes and Smart As... are available as part of PSN's latest sale effort.