Sony's PS4 launch needs one word, "integration"

Sony is teasing a launch event for the PS4 later this month (unless its a new Tron movie) with a new video (UPDATE: All true, apparently - WSJ)


However, Sony can't just unveil a new console on February 20, it needs to cement the relationship between the new console, the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Gaikai, Android devices and other services you might already own. It has to demonstrate its commitment to the modern user and all our gadgets, it can do that through thorough integration between all these devices and services.

This isn't 1994 or 2001, Sony can't just sit behind its walled garden. The Vita for one needs to be integral to the PS4's wow-factor, a universe of PS3 and earlier games needs to be available from day one. The Vita can be used either as an advanced controller as the leaked hardware specs have hinted at and be able to play all your PS4 games and other content around the house, as Nvidia's SHIELD can with your PC games and Nintendos Wii U GamePad can with (some) of its titles.

Anything less and the Vita will likely rapidly be reduced to a gaming backwater as the PSP was following the PS3's launch in the west. While the PS4 will be hamstrung by a lack of quality content. Really hope Sony's got its shit together on this one for a combined assault. And the PS4 will die for lack of oxygen due to the massive development needs if it doesn't have a massive roster of other stuff to enjoy.

 One final point, the knives came out for the 3DS, Vita and now Wii U soon after launch, as their launch sales dived. Get used to it folks, this is the new normal, we are not living in the walled-gardens of 1994 or 2001. The expensive new PS4 and XboxNext will take years to muster decent sales, anyone getting uppity after a few weeks deserves a good kicking - if you see news or forums posts like that feel welcome to apply full metal toecap.


  1. Sony has form with region free gaming, but in surrounding the other consoles aswel region free must become the norm, why we live in a world where each nation is seperated is beyond me.


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