Kaz Hirai down on Vita sales, up on long term future

After its jazzy CES show, in which Sony more-or-less ignored PlayStation, the CEO was a little down on the Vita, saying it was at the low-end of sales expectations, according to the Wall Street Journal but he indicates Sony will be behind it for years to come.
How are PlayStation Vita sales? “I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected,” said Mr. Hirai. He noted, however, that it takes 5-10 years before he can say a product has been successful. He said similar questions were asked about the PlayStation 3 early in its cycle, but he now sees that console as a success. “Long term is what is important,” he said. 
How were year-end holiday sales? Mr. Hirai said it was “pretty much” in line with expectations although he noted that Sony revised down its full-year revenue estimate in November.
So, don't go writing off the Vita in 2013, all it will take is one breakout game in Japan for it to be declared a success, but I reckon it will largely trundle along in the west with a few modest hits along the way. Personally, I think there are some very big games in the pipe, which is why Sony is holding off the price-cut route.