Sega Studio ditching Vita for iOS/Android development

Add another one to the list of where-are-they-now developers for the Vita. Sega's UK-based Hardlight studios had a Vita game in development, which has now been put on hold. This might be until the Vita reaches a better user base, or it might just crumble into history.

The developer instead will be focusing on smartphone or tablets games for iOS and Android, aka "where the money is." There is no hint of what the game was about, but with the developer having access to lots of Sega IP and a remit to innovate, it could have been something pretty cool.

<insert usual hopeful comment here> that the Vita will sell well enough in the run up to Christmas and the project will get back underway.


  1. So not making games for the Vita going to make things better?

    Smart thinking there Sega! XD


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