Sony Ericsson: We Don't Need Xperia Play 2!

Based on sales figures they won't give out (i.e., crap), game sales numbers that barely break into the thousands and a feeble line-up of PlayStation content, Sony Ericsson still thinks there is no need for a successor device to the Xperia Play.

That's fine, given that the last few months of price slashing and a few decent Android releases which must have done something to boost those sales figures. But, ultimately apart from appearing in a dance video, the Xperia Play seems to be dropping off folk's radar like last year's "your country here's Got Talent" winner.

I tried the phone for a couple of weeks and while it was fun, not a single thing about it stuck me as essential, and I'm not that bothered about ever picking one up. I feel sorry for anyone suckered into buying an Sony Tablet if they're marketed as PlayStation devices too.

Just remember, perhaps the machines greatest strength, thanks to its Android-ness is that you can always find other ways to get your PSOne games on the device, and it makes a great classic gaming machine. If they weren't generic Android features, it'd be my top excuse to get one.

As for the non-existent Xperia Play 2, I figure the hardware must now be powerful enough to run a PS2 emulator and if a whole library of PS2 titles were available to buy/rent, things would be looking up. Or, if Sony launched a Gaikai-like service for its own titles, that'd be awesome too.


  1. Try to play any classic platformer or beat'em up game in a touchscreen only phone. Try it in an Xperia Play. Cue tears.


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