Thursday, May 12, 2011

Xperia Play Games Sales Off to a, umm, Slow Start

There haven't been any reports of Xperia Play unit sales, so we imagine its not setting the world on fire, but there are some info on software sales. They are, putting it charitably, on the slow side. Recombu reports that sales are mostly in the hundreds, which is what you expect with the fairly lame line-up of PSone titles.

Sony still seem pretty confident about things but you would have expected some more activity on the press front and in the games line-up, but things seem to have dropped off the radar rather, if it wasn't for Gameloft's range of games, things would look decidedly poorly.

While Sony might be happy, it would be interesting to hear from any XP owners who were expecting a decent supply of PSone games for their device. Are you unhappy with the current line-up, the lack of additions or feel your phone's special features are less than utilised?

Things could get a little better when o2 finally gets around to launching its exclusive white version in the UK June, three months after everyone else. Surely the first sales figures will be out soon, and if it isn't doing too well, hopefully a price drop will be on the horizon. We'll ask around and see if anyone else has any numbers that could help figure out how the PlayStation Phone is doing.

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