Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Xperia Play Could be the Ultimate Classic Gaming Machine

Just saw a great video on YouTube, showing the Xperia Play running all sorts of classic games (and you don't have to chip it, break the firmware or anything else dodgy to do it). Here it is running Mario Kart 64 (about 1 minute in) and Starfox (about 4 minutes in).

I'm not sure how many would buy a £500 phone just to play old games, but given the amount of MAME and other emulator forum activity there is, it could become the toy de jour for retro gamers. Then again, given most N64 and similar era gamers are all grown up now, then have the disposable income and hopefully a nostalgic tear in their eye.

Given Android's openness, pretty much every emulator is or will be available but not one other phone has the keys need for the real experience. Throw in the wide availability of ROMs (and plenty of people who still have the kit to claim they can legitimately play them), I reckon Xperia Play could get a fair boost thanks to this bonus feature.

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