Sony's GamesCom Catch Up: New PSP, New Vita Games, PS3 Price Cut

Here's all the news that came out of GamesCom today and from Sony's press event yesterday:

Here's the live report from yesterday's big show and below are all the images, video and game details.

LATEST: Sony Vita's apps, web browser and other functions unveiled. It now has Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and other social apps, presumably built-in from launch.

Top video of the day has to be Uncharted Golden Abyss which sees your new companions unveiled and some great action scenes in staggering details.

Additional videos/screens:

Super Stardust Delta gets an explosive trailer
Silent Hill takes a strange twist
New screens for the awesome Virtua Tennis
First look at Rayman and Asphalt from Ubisoft
Video and pics from the decidedly creepy Alien Spidy
Pics and art for Resistance Burning Skies
New WipEout 2048 video
New game, Escape Plan, unveiled
Skype, Facebook and Twitter support confirmed for Vita
FIFA confirmed for PS Vita
New budget PSP model E1000 unveiled