Sony and Namco's Research Team Developing Vita Ridge Racer

A while back Sega mentioned that its technology development team had come up with such a good idea for a Vita game that they swung it into full production. Now, Sony's equivalent room of ubergeeks, called Cellius, have been playing with the Vita and tasked to come up with the new Ridge Racer game in partnership with Namco.

According to a widely quoted interview:
“Cellius got its start with the Cell processor architecture; the concept was to be an outfit that researched ways to use this technology to create neat things. So it’s not exactly pure research; it’s more about finding ways to expand the things that can be done with the PlayStation family.”

The experiment should get the maximum out of the Vita's various control methods and processing power, while hopefully bringing something new (but not too new) to the world of Ridge Racer. Check out the concept video here, which made us think it was all going a little bit WipEout.