Namco Rakes in the Cash on PSP, Looks Good For NGP

Financial reports are pretty dull, but a couple of things stand out about Namco's latest quarterly figures. For a start the company has had a massive 59 portable games out in Japan over the year, but only 12 in the west which shows how much more important the PSP (and DS) platforms are over there.

No wonder then that the PSP is the second best-selling platform for Namco, behind the PS3, raking in 4.5 million sales (and to think Capcom's Monster Hunter managed that on its own). We can also see that Namco has plans for 25 more PSP titles before this time next year, which is pretty healthy for an ageing system, outstripping the new and sexy 3DS which has 17 planned titles.

Top selling for PSP was God(s) Eater burst with 470,000 sales, so I'm fairly confident we can expect an NGP sequel to that to compete with MHP. Naruto and Tekken (whose developer says he wants to do an PSP2 version) have probably also performed solidly, and I hope Namco keeps up with Ace Combat as the NGP version would definitely rock.