PS Vita Accessories and Advice

If you're having trouble with, or want to enhance your PS Vita, I'm slowly putting together some tips and troubleshooting guides.


Covered in this piece


Lots of people ask how to get videos from YouTube or other online sources for offline viewing. All you need is the URL of the video, then go to on your Vita and enter the URL there. The site will download the file to the right app and it can manage Soundcloud, Vimeo, Yandex, Dailymotion and quite a few others.

To play a YouTube video that's longer than an hour, you need to options, by tapping the three vertical dots next to the search spyglass. Scroll down the pop-up menu and tap Desktop. Now audio mixes, longer videos and those random old movies that folk put up on YouTube will play.

What the YouTube site on Vita doesn't play, and likely never will is live event streams. For now, all you can do is see if there's a stream on Twitch and use that app.


The most common tip is for a locked, crashed Vita or one with a constantly flashing blue PS light. Simply hold down the power button for a few seconds (sometimes with the right trigger pressed) - until you see the restart menu. Choose the first "Restart the PS Vita System" option and that should do the trick.

Memory Card Content Vanishing?
PS Vita Error Code c1-11834-7
Missing PS Vita AR cards
Cleaning out your memory card
Choose your Vita's lock screen

If you're after some cool backgrounds and lock screens for your Vita then these are a few good places to visit. Remember you can take screenshots of your own games in action (Press PS Button and Start) and use those!:

NeoGAF forum
Reddit forum thread
Free Vita themes


If you're looking for something extra to protect, enhance, or otherwise cuddle your Vita, check out these links.

Turtle Beach M5 Headphones
Sony Pulse Wireless Elite Edition Headset
PS Vita Case Roundup
Sony PS Vita Cases and Accessories
Nyko PS Vita Dock
Snakebite PS Vita Cases and Accessories
DX Combined grip and battery pack

Games like Borderlands 2 mean you could need a grip more than ever, I haven't tried one, but these seem popular on Amazon:

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