Thursday, January 24, 2019

NightCry shudders on the Vita this month

Playism brings up Project Scissor's Night Cry, the long-ago Kickstarted horror game, at the end of January in Japan, and presumably the west. The point-and-click 3D adventure is a murder mystery, set on a boat where suspicion and dread terror lurk behind each porthole and cabin door. Featuring Monica and Rooney as two students, they must survive the branching storylines to find the one ending where, presumably, they don't end up as mincemeat.

Coming a couple of years after the PC version, it at least reminds the world that 3D does work on the Vita, even though this trailer (perhaps deliberately, but I doubt it, sees the game crawling through glue). Regardless, well done to Playism, Hifumi Kono and Takashi Shimizu for sticking with the sequel to Clock Tower.

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