Thursday, May 10, 2018

Vita Kickstarters update, a breath of life

Still quite a few games on the go for the Vita in Kickstarter world. Here's a quick catch up and status check from the developers that like to keep their fans in the loop. Lots more in the Kickstarter list with less than regular updates or where Vita was a less than firm goal (and that could have been years ago), so who knows!

Pato Box (Bromio) Hot off the press with some fresh news today: "We've been a bit quiet about the development of the PS Vita and Switch versions. However we would like to inform you all that we are just finishing the last features and we are aiming to release both in June this year."

Battle Princess Madelyn (CasualBit): End of April update. "Another month has passed, and lots of things have been bug fixed and polished - heavy emphasis on the first half of the game as we bug fix - updating the HUD, font, dialog boxes, etc. Oh, and the Kickstarter cover art has been completed!"

Heart Forth Alicia (Alonso Martin) From March Update" We've applied our efforts on pretty much every area of development. More placeholders have been replaced with final assets, several cutscenes have been fleshed out or polished as needed, and some others enhanced with new character animations. "

Soul Saga (DisasterCake): "Soul Saga will be ready by July 2018 (on PC)! July of this year will mark Soul Saga’s Kickstarter’s 5th anniversary and it’s a conveniently appropriate time to finally get you the humble JRPG I’ve been working on for so long.  The desktop version will be released first and polish will be applied based on fan feedback.  Information regarding console porting (likely through a publisher) will come after fan feedback on the desktop version of Soul Saga."

Sharin no Kuni (Tokyo Otaku Mode) From late April "Development and production of the Vita port will take longer, and we plan to have another update sometime soon detailing the outlook for that. Talking of Otaku Mode, they're providing the goodies for the Muv-Luv Kickstarter package that is now confirmed for an August release.

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