Monday, March 27, 2017

A tale of two Toukiden 2 games

The UK charts are out and Toukiden 2 is No.1 on the Vita retail list. On the PS4 chart, it only managed to creep in to No. 28, presumably because everyone was buying the freak-fest that is Mass Effect Andromeda.

Realistically, the PS4 version could have sold a few more copies than the Vita edition, but since neither made the individual formats (value or units) charts, only Koei Tecmo's accountants will ever know.

Still congrats to the company on another Vita UK No. 1 and well done to everyone who went with the physical edition. However, based on this news and last year's Japanese sales, I'm not too sure there will be a Toukiden 3, although a T2.5 may be on the cards.

The retail chart rundown by GameTrack is:

1. Toukiden 2 (new entry)
2. Steins Gate 0 (no change, 18 weeks on chart)
3. Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified (up from 7)
4. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (down from 3)
5. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (up from 9)
6. Root Letter (down from 1, 20 weeks on chart)

Will update with PSN digital Top Sellers list if Sony can be bothered to, seems to have been very static for a long time. Toukiden 2 is at No. 4 on the Amazon Best Sellers list while Ys VIII tops the pre-order list. Drive Girls is also there, although still unconfirmed, so we'll likely here about that this week.

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