Monday, August 8, 2016

Money Hungry Princess bribing the Vita

NIS has had another new Vita game outed in Japan. Money Hungry Princess is an RPG focused almost exclusively on filthy lucre. By earning enough of it you can not only unless great skills, but bribe opponents to not fight, or perhaps even get them to join your side.

UPDATE: The first screens are now up...

Hopefully this idea goes a lot deeper than just a combat mechanic, and the game is more than just a stock ARPG with a twist. More to be revealed soon in this week's issues of Japanese magazines, along with some first iamges. The game is supposed to be out in November, but with more games being delayed for tweaking and such a quirky mechanic in this title, I'm guessing 2017 is more likely.

UPDATE: The teaser site is now live with a webcam on a bug in a tank with a Vita and some money related items.

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