Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cancelled Elder Scrolls Oblivion on the PSP revealed

Stuff Indiana Jones, video games archaeology is clearly the business to be in. There are so many missing in action titles out there to uncover content for, and make a killing on YouTube. The latest game to come back to life is Oblivion a much-anticapted portable take on the mighty Elder Scrolls games.

UPDATE: Well, that lasted long, ZeniMax have pulled the clip, clearly confirming that a Vita version is in the works! :) 

New, working (for now) links are here.

There are two different clips from a year apart showing the advancements made, and how a decent looking product may have emerged. Sure the fighting mechanic looks a bit ropey, but this demo proves the power of the PSP and what could have been!

Add this to the Saint's Row PSP game that was uncovered earlier in the year and its easy to see how a little good luck could have raised the PSP's profile among core gamers, and (perhaps) made the Vita more relevant.

Instead, these were dumped, we were lied to about Bioshock and Sony shafted everyone by dropping support. Given the insane love for JRPGs on the Vita, can't someone blast out a classic 3D western tale on one of the many engines? Kickstarter beckons surely.


  1. That a Vita version is in the works... Please, tell me you were being sarcastic...