Sunday, November 15, 2015

Super Star Wars confirmed for Vita release

Okay, it might not be the new Battlefront, but Vita owners get some Star Wars fun this week with the SNES side scroller, with a few Mode 7 shooter sections, coming to Sony's handheld and PS4 with trophy support and Cross Buy.

So, when Sony says it is still working on some Vita content I guess this is it, and projects of its type, which is no bad thing - as long as this represents the start of a steady stream of classics releases, and not just the odd token.

UPDATE: The guys who converted this title, CodeMystics, says its up to Sony and Disney if the others get a port, but I'd imagine sales would be strong enough.

Sony mentioned a while back about adding trophies to old games, and if they want to add more retro classics to the Vita, great! Super Star Wars picked up a game of the year nod back in 1992, with LucasArts and Sculptured Software on dev duty. Set across Tatooine and the Death Star, it takes a few liberties with the original movie. Hopefully the subsequent games in the series will follow.

The news was confirmed on the US PSN blog Drop roundup, with SAO Lost Song leading the way along with High Tech Racing Plus for the US, with SAO already out in EU land. Here's a look at the original, can't wait to see what the new version looks like on the Vita's screen.

No word on pricing, and if you do want to play Battlefront, there's always Remote Play - something that major games sites seem to be taking a lot more seriously all of a sudden. This release is part of a range of classics to support the Battlefront release, hopefully a few more games will hit the Vita - would love to see Episode 1: Pod Racer hit the handheld.

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