Friday, September 25, 2015

Vita doubles sales in a hectic week in Japan

With Tokyo Game Show and the Silver Week holiday, Japanese gamers must have been on a bit of a spree. Vita sales more than doubled to over 20,000 as plenty of new releases hit the Media Create chart.

The major entries were:

05./00. [PSV] World Trigger: Borderless Mission (Bandai) - 23.334 / NEW
10./00. [PSV] Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (Capcom)  - 15.932 / NEW

13./00. [PSV] Saki Saki National (Kaga) - 13,698 / NEW
14./00. [PSV] Sengoku Musou 4 Empires (Koei) - 13,056 / NEW

Borderless Mission did well despite poor reviews, Resident Evil did as well as it could, since the Vita version is incredibly late to the party, and compromised by Sony's poor development efforts. Some romance novels and other manga fun giving the Vita six games in the top Media Create top 20, with more further down the list. 

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