Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: Minecraft

There's not really much I can add to the voluminous tomes already published about Minecraft. Sure the Vita is about the last format on the planet to get it, but it was worth the wait. As far as I can tell, there's little difference between this and the PS3 (which you can enjoy cross platform play with) or Xbox version that I've meddled with in the past. It may be a little slower, but the Vita does provide something more, in an intangible way.

There's nothing quite like being tucked up warm in bed at night, checking on the paddock that's home to the cows and chickens, doing a late-night spot of mining for some elements that I'll need for a planned trophy grab tomorrow. Or, rushing up my tower to use some creepers for archery practice. Minecraft on a proper portable, not the Pocket Edition, is just that bit more personal and attractive as a game that grows with you wherever you are.

All the nuances of the latest version of Minecraft make it a perfect balance between the gentle sway of farming, mining and the odd spot of trading, then summoning the equipment and strength to take on the challenges through the portals. I love it, and I've really only scratched the surface. Now I have plans, big plans. And perhaps that's the key point of Minecraft, no matter how lowly the Vita is in the gaming hierarchy, you truly feel like a great architect with this in your hands.

Sure, there's the skins and texture packs, but they're for the kids I guess. But, Minecraft is really about the limit of your imagination. Every time you start a game, you're hammering at the wood with your bare hands like the starving wretch you are, but you know within a few hours there will be palaces and running water, mine cart roller coasters and massive edifices, all built by your own (and perhaps some friends') hands. That's a big dream to have on a little portable, and one I can spend many years with, no matter what Microsoft does with the title in the future. Seriously, I could be playing this 2045 and not have exhausted the possibilities, how many games can you say that about?

File size 267MB
Developer: Mojang/4J Studios
Genre: Sandbox Adventure
Players: 1-4
Price: £12.99
Score: 10/10
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