Monday, January 5, 2015

Red Goddess work-in-progress video hides behind masks

On barely 1% of the funds of Mighty No. 9 (previous story), Red Goddess from Yanim is coming along well, as shown in this new trailer, and looks just as good, in its own way. The team focusing on new gameplay elements, and the masks the heroine wears, with a new year Kickstarter post talking up some of the unique features of the game:
As we said in our latest update, we are actually working on the madness rays, and on the “EVIL MASK” system of the game. If you activate some traps and pass through the madness rays, the narrator will turn aggressive, block your way and turn the masks against you. (Still have to put some Narrator voices…) Once you have been detected, the Narrator will activate a quarantine area to attack you. There are many different possible attacks. Depending on the zone: More enemies will appear in the area. Your other persona, which appears as a deadly mask, and will turn against you.

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