Monday, November 10, 2014

Games of Thrones teases with a Telltale trailer

How will the bloody, sexy, politically charged and brutal world of HBO's Game of Thrones translate to the small screen? How will it blend the worlds of Westeros as read in the books and seen on the screen?

None of that is revealed in this teaser trailer, but you can be sure this will be a big deal for crossover gaming as Thronies (or whatever they're called) come to try and live out their fantasy by interactive means. Telltale will have a hell of a job on their hands to get the mix right, can't wait to see it. And the game is confirmed for Sony platforms, which should mean the Vita.

Hope you're all buying Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead season 2 to make it worth their while. Episode One (of six) will be called "Iron From Ice." We've also got Tales of the Borderlands to look forward to.

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