Sunday, October 26, 2014

Landing this week on PlayStation Vita, Freeeedoooommm

Freedom Wars leads the way this week, the big Vita original game hope of the year. Not that Sony want anyone to know that - I mean did you see an advert for it? Also, the video they're showing is nearly four months old, that's how little effort is going into marketing this game. Even the poorest indie developer tries to get a few new clips out before release.

Elsewhere, Poltergeist, Tiny Troopers, Unfinished Swan add a slick indie feel to things, but the best game of the week, probably Battle Isle on the PS4 - loved that series on the Amiga, would buy a PS4 for it, if I could afford one. Didn't even know it was coming, which is another impressive bit of Sony non-marketing.

Here's the US PSN drop page with all the details. The game lands on Friday in the UK, cause we're shit like that! On the plus side, Europe does get Die, Mr Robot from Infinite States.

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