Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Excamedia hints at A Clumsy Adventure

What on earth are we looking at here? Excamedia is a Dutch team working on A Clumsy Adventure for 2015, running on PS4 and Vita. And here's the first hint of a pic at what looks like an otherworldly scene bathed in light from the pinky part of the colour chart.

The company hints that Gamescom will see the first showing, along with Tokyo Games Show. The question is, what's it all about? I hope the art from the screenshot is prevalent in the finished game, rather than the rather scatty concept art and video.

The above pic fills me with mystery and wonder, the concept below bellows tacky platformer and the video looks like an 90s shareware game. Let's hope the developers stick with the above or find an elegant way to evolve the two. Guess we'll see at Gamescom what's going on in these crazed indie minds.

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