Thursday, June 5, 2014

Amazon shows off ultimate PS4 Vita bundle

Well, that's pretty official looking! The Ultimate bundle arrives on Amazon France's pages, offering a Vita and PS4 for €579 (£470) available on the fourth of July. Can't wait to see if this sells, given the failure of comparative failure of Xbox Kinect bundle.

Even if it does, will it boost Vita game sales? Since Sony never gives out PSN sales figures, guess we'll never know. UPDATE: Sony has confirmed this bundle is real, but won't say when or where it will be released next. In the States, Best Buy will start offering its own bundle throwing in a PS4 and the Borderlands 2 Vita bundle for $559.

My thoughts on this are, anyone who wanted a PS4 already has one. Those that are holding out are waiting for a price cut, not a more expensive bundle with something they probably don't want (Xbox 1 and Kinect bundle anyone?) So, while this is progress, of a sort, it won't sell many Vitas and even if it does, I can't see Vita game sales rocketing as a result, as the focus will be on PS4, perhaps with the odd Cross Buy.

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