Thursday, January 31, 2013

PSABR out in Japan today, led by Raiden of course

Yep, there's a distinct home feel to Japan's coverage of Sony/Superbot's action brawler. Website 4Gamer's coverage makes it look like its all about Raiden and Gravity Rush's Kat with some God of War thrown in as an afterthought.  Famitsu pushed it as Dante vs Radien too last week with the same set of art assets, while it doesn't seem to have got a mention in the latest Game Freak or V Jump magazines.

Interestingly, the official Japanese page is using the western live-action trailers and artwork which barely has a homegrown character in sight, I thought they'd make more of a local-hero effort on that front. I have no idea how well it will sell over there, but based on a quick scan across the sites, it hasn't had the push Sony might have hoped for.

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