Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sony's PSP vs. Vita problem in a simple picture

Here's a neat little snapshot of Sony's problems in Japan right now. Here with have the company's own magazine guide to what's out and coming on the PSP soon:

And here's the Vita:

Sure, you can throw in the usual "early days" and "user base" caveats, but for anyone thinking of buying a Vita, they'd take one look at this and take their money elsewhere. At least in Europe and America, the dearth of PSP games (apart from some high quality contributions that appeal to core gamers) is pushing gamers more to the Vita, albeit slowly.

I suppose as long as Sony are profiting from PSP hardware and game sales, they don't mind so much, but from an external perspective, it is kind of scary. Anyway, here's my release list to cheer you up a bit. Sony can feel free to borrow it if they like.

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