Friday, June 15, 2012

An in-game look at Zen's KickBeat on PS Vita

Zen Studios is annoying me:
  1. The PS Vita Pinball games still aren't out in Europe, which is probably Sony's fault but hey, someone sort it out. 
  2. It doesn't put dates on its videos so I have no idea what's new.  
I think this is a recent addition, an in-game look at KickBeat in action, with music from Celldweller. Following on from the launch trailers, the video shows a well-poised miss kicking seven shades out of the Blue Man Group.

It looks really slick and fluid, but what controls are being used? Would be handy to see some off-camera footage to get an idea as to how the player is performing all those graceful moves. Also, I'd say the bout is about two minutes too long, hopefully there will be breaks in the middle for a bonus-round, some freestyling or something.

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