Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Starlight Inception gets a new spacey logo

Having got over the delights of achieving its Kickstarter funding goal, the hard work began on full Starlight production for the developers. Things seem to have started off with a slight bump, as the original logo looked rather close to the USAF's own badge.

That's changed now as the the team explains. Here is the breakdown of the different parts of the logo and what they represent:

  • At the center of the bottom circle is another circle - this represents a United Earth;
  • The four parts of the split bottom circle: army, air force, navy, marines;
  • The negative symbol in the bottom circle is of a star fighter;
  • The wings represent the United Star Force's reach from Earth's orbit to the outer planets of the star system, and beyond;
  • The negative planet formed by the curvature of the wings represents fallen soldiers, who gave their lives in defense of peace, human rights, and United Earth values;
  • Finally, the star represents our sun, as well as the hope for peace.

We know this art will be met with some smiles and some frowns, but it our sincere hope that you all will grow to love this logo as we do.

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