Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Will PS Vita Games Look Like on the Shelves?

Apparently, the answer is this:

I hope they keep that colour across all regions, as its suitably striking. As for the cards, makes my feel all nostalgic for Atari Lynx games - anyone for a spot of multiplayer California Games?

As a bonus pic, here's one Hideo Kojima took of the PS Vita stand with a range of colour options available, although probably not all will make it into production.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say I appreciate your blog - I clicked through from Engadget. Godo work keeping up with PSP and PSVita news, keep it up!

    I used to be hyper-hyped on the PSP back when it was announced in 2003 - the wait till 2005 was pretty excruciating back then. I actually recently (like..last weekend) bought myself a PSP 3000 as the shops are dumping them due to relatively low demand the the looming PSVita and iPhone5 releases. I have a launch PSP 1004 as well but its battery is quite dead and I keep it as a "museum" piece with firmware 1.5.
    Rediscovering the PSP is awesome - I have to admit it's a bit antiquated by now (screen resolution, graphics, internet/UI integration when compared to smartphones) but, as opposed to phones, the PSP still has full-on PS2 ports and full games - like Persona 3 (which is omg awesome), FF Dissidia, and the PSOne PSN classics. Just bought FF7 PSN and plan to play through FF8 and FF9 too haha.

    These Sony portables got real heart, and the Vita looks like a real stunner with those specs, PS3 integration, etc..

    Oh and about your post. These "blu-ray-esque" boxes do look nice on the shelves. The crucial mistake on UMD was that UMD's were too expensive at launch ($40-50). The current UMD prices ($20-30 for premiums and $10-20 for platinum/essential) are much better.



  2. Cheers Erwin,

    delighted you like the site.

    I got a Jap import PSP on day one (plus postage) and, though its been a rough ride sometimes, its still my favourite gadget, and the last year has seen a great resurgence in form - although it helps to like Japanese games.

    Much thanks to Atlus, Ghostlight and others for keeping up with the conversions.

    The Vita looks like the device I'll probably use over anything else. Can't wait to get hold of one.