Monday, May 16, 2011

Xperia Play Price Cuts Hitting Already

After its problematic launch, slow sales and the fierce competition in the mobile market, it looks like stores are already discounting the Xperia Play in an attempt to shift units. A Phones 4 U full page advert in The Sun was offering £120 off the phone, which is £5 off a month for a 2 year Vodafone contract.

That comes with 100 minutes calls, 500 texts and 500Mb of data. Will it be enough to start shifting the phone and build game sales? The offer has shot to the top of the most popular on P4U, but with new, superior phones appearing all the time, it looks like the wait might be on for an Xperia Play 2 that comes with a full PS2 rental library as part of the contract.

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