Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Resident Evil is 15 Video and a Countdown to a New Double Dragon Game?

Okay, so there isn't much Resident Evil action on the PSP, but we have got the original PSOne title remastered on PSN, so that's my justification for this lovely video celebrating 15 years of the franchise and highlighting the upcoming games that Capcom will, if they have any sense, make available for NGP.

Note that Capcom just popped up a teaser site for some unannounced project "DD", that will hit zero in about a week. Has to be a Double Dragon revival [UPDATE - yeah, all right that was Taito - it was a long time ago...] , which was one of my all time favourite games back in the arcades with a mate... hope Capcom does it justice.

So, if not Double Dragon, how about Dynamite Dux, Dynamite Duke (Both Sega I think) - perhaps not!

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