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Japanese Vita hit Gnosia finally arrives on western PlayStation

At the end of the Vita's Japanese official life (2019), Gnosia, a social RPG cum visual novel - see "Gnosia tells takes of fake humans in space", did pretty good business and attracted lots of attention with its vibrant visuals and space-faring ladies. 

Gnosia got great reviews and was the last Vita minor hit of any note. Based on that success, it crept to other formats slowly, and then came west on the Switch. But only now is it available to the west on PlayStation and Xbox for around £/$25. 

Gnosia comes our way digitally via Playism and Japanese developer Petit Depetto. Your goal is to socially deduce who's the alien among the human crew on a craft drifting through deep space. 

The game plays in a loop, with one death every night, creating plenty of opportunity for interrogation and investigation. The suspects must be put into a cold sleep to identify them. Or, you can play as the Gnosia and try and get rid of the meatbags. 

Following the routine of ship life, characters will speak and act freely depending their current role, personality traits and level of trust towards you and other crew members. Each individual comes with a bag of quirks and principles. That can result in anger, colorful debates and discussions that make each loop as entertaining as the last.

A shame we never got to play it on its home platform, but now is definitely the time for 999 and Zero Escape fans to enjoy another dose of mystery. 

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