Colin Moriarty and Lillymo bring Twin Breaker to the Vita

Colin Moriarty of talking about PlayStation fame has partnered with Lillymo to bring PS Vita owners another title in 2020. Twin Breaker is dedicated to his latest podcast, Sacred Symbols and riffs off the good old Breakout theme to deliver some story-based block-busting adventure. More about that on his Patreon page, where the background gets a little detail...
It felt like a meta enough idea to be interesting, and I knew that a subsection of our audience would really love it. It’s been an awesome experience for me to flesh out a strange tale of first contact, led by our two daring protagonists and their powerful ships: Greetings and Salutations. Giving an old-school-style game a story at all was really inspired, in a lot of ways, but Atlus’ wonderful Catherine, which gave Q*Bert meaning. So why can’t Arkanoid have meaning, too?!
Price will be $9.99, no word on an EU release which I'm a bit worried about. Lillymo also gave us recent shooter Habroxia and Perils of Baking. What's really good is the support for the Vita release, imagine if we'd had gaming celebs (or any celebs) touting the Vita back in the day?

What we really need now is a good sound effect to announce new Vita games with. Something bingly that any posts like these can use as an audio cue. It might only get used a dozen or so more times, but hey, let's enjoy them while they last.


  1. Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure will release in Europe as well as America!


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