Sci-fi VN Gnosia out in Japan

My baby is an acid-tinged, neon-tinted headfuck, to paraphrase The Wildhearts! That appears to be the case in Gnosia a new Vita-exclusive out-in-Japan visual novel from Mebius. Trophy listing here, if you care, and the trailer doesn't give much away about the fake humans in space plot!

The term Gnosia means being able to recognize the form and the nature of people and things; the faculty of perceiving and recognizing. And there appear to be werewolf-type characters hiding in human skin, I think.

UPDATE: The game scored a 10/10 from IGN's Japanese site and is worth a translated read. Wonder if Famitsu will be suitably impressed? If they are, perhaps a wider release for the game is possible, and maybe even a bit of a boost in Vita interest in Japan.