Chevalier of Blue Wings RPG for Japan announced

Experience keep on rolling out the games, and rolling back the years for Vita gamers, with an exclusive new DRPG. Chevalier of Blue Wings gets a teaser site and trailer today ahead of more info in Japanese mags in the coming weeks. With a digital and physical release promised, it might make a good import if you're used to the Demon Gaze style adventuring, as it will be basically familiar.

UPDATE: The game is a graphical update of 2012 PSP release Students of Round and will be Experience's last Vita release.

Love the trailer, but as with Zanki Zero, which never made it Vita in the west, always feel a bit disappointed when it turns out to be another step-by-step dungeon crawler. Chevalier is out on the 25th July if you fancy an import, and there's no sign of Kadokawa or Spike Chunsoft's name anywhere, so guess this is zero point zero chance of this one heading west, even if a version for other consoles pops up eventually.