Students of Round: The Eternal Legend is not an eating game

While the title sounds like some Sisyphus-style eating contest, it is in fact a new PSP RPG. Another Japanese company cross-over sees Kadokawa and Experience getting together to produce a series of Dungeon RPG titles, the first of which is for the PSP, with a PS Vita title to follow. This trailer is patched up of a few screen and character shots, and voice artists, but gives a hint at what's to come...

According to a literal translation the actual title should be The Eternal Legend student of the Round Table, but that's not what's on the box, but Hey-ho! Due in October, it will be available on UMD or download, so it should play on the Vita, but with a Vita game on the way, I'd hope for a western version of that over the PSP one. Or does this venture sound a little too niche for western gamers? Would it get you psyched?

The Vita game is titled only as a Dungeon RPG, which doesn't give much away.