kFunction lighting up Vita OLEDs with Scintillatron 4096

Just when you thought Vita release news had dried up forever, along comes Dorset-based developer kFunction with its particle-tastic shooter Scintillatron 4096. An intense combo challenge with online leaderboards and trophies to tempt you to master the fast-paced arcade shoot ‘em up action!

These shots are from the 4K PS4 Pro version, but hopefully the Vita edition will bring some of this magic to OLED screens in December.

UPDATE: Release date set for the 18th

In Scintillatron 4096, players take on hundreds of enemies in frantic showdowns whilst also making tactical choices about the colour-based combo system. Combinable power ups can either help or hinder game play and topping the global rankings is the aim of the game.

Features include:

  • Combos - This is what it’s all about! High scores need combos. Enemies are one of two colours. Take them out in sequence and aim for a perfect wave. Learn what to attack first, how to ‘herd’ the enemies and how to use the colour-flip-power-up to maximise your combo score.
  • Hi-Score and world rankings - Just like it used to be, your hi score is everything. Scintillatron 4096 has local and worldwide rankings for score, deepest wave and highest combo. The scores are separately tracked for one and two player games.
  • Single player -  Alternatively, play on your own with dedicated high score tables, rankings and achievements.
  • Challenge - We mean it when we say the game is easy to play but difficult to master. Progress a little, build some combos and you’ll find packed, intense levels with audio and visuals to match.

If you can't wait or want to get warmed up, give Son of Scoregasm or Geometry Wars 3 a go.