Review: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

Why hasn't the PS Vita got a HD screen? Why! Why! Why! It might sound odd shouting that three and a half years into owning one, but this is the first time it really matters to me.

Look at those crinkly lines, look at those jaggies, its enough to make me try and rip out the screen and try and replace it with an iPhone 6 display, something Sony should have at least tried by now! Or, I could just get the iOS version, without controls, not sure I'd like that.

Also, how are you supposed to take good screenshots on an intense twinstick shooter? I would use PR shots, but they're all 3Kx2K bullshots at 4MB an image, so don't fall for those pics on the Sony blogs! Instead, I apologise for these poor efforts, if I grab any better pics I'll update them.

Moans over, fortunately, the rest of the game is polished enough to help me overlook the Vita's ageing OLED technology, and Geometry Wars 3 is quite the experience. Beyond the main Adventure mode, where you dive into increasingly tough challenges, meeting new challenges and enemies, GW3 is full of side new tricks and diversions to keep you hooked.

Whichever version you play, from the purity of Pacifism mode to the Classic and Hardcore modes, there's plenty of challenge with levels starting out flat, then wrapping around 3D models to add depth to the battles.

Enemies start out with the direct approach, trying to ram your ship to end your mission, take a life or eat up a bit more time. Then they get a bit random, zigging and zagging around the level, before growing tails, and many other tricks.

Aiming to hit the three-star challenge scores to open up all the cool new toys is a big part of the game. If you're a bit of a fudger when it comes to arcade games, the fun might not last too long. Still, you can be pulled in by the soundtrack and the stellar level designs, and keep trying hard just to see what happens next, with boss baddies, and more cunning level designs to try.

With bags of challenge, its amazing how much you can get out of a game where all you do is move and shoot. There's your own scores to beat, the online leaderboards and unlocking the various power ups. Yes, it should look better in the HD era, and there's no way it sticks to 60fps when the screen gets busy. Still, well done to Lucid Games for getting this PS4 title running in any decent shape on the Vita and adding the neat two-on-one-screen multiplayer mode

Score 8/10
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Developer: Sierra/Lucid
Progress: Still trying to take good screenshots