Review - Licky the Lucky Lizard Lives Again

I'm not sure what it is with poorly-proportioned animals and these type of endless games. On the Vita, we've had Hungry Giraffe craning his ever-long neck skywards and now there's Licky the Lizard using his impossibly long tongue to keep ahead of the lava bubbling up the tube he's fallen into. 

By mixing swinging and leaping, and sticking his tongue to one of the platforms higher up, Licky must stay ahead of the flow which accelerates the longer he survives. This does mean that you die a lot in the early going, trying to figure out what to do and which strategies work. 

Playing the tutorial a few times will give you a marginally better chance of survival, but in the mayhem of the normal game, dying is oh-so-easy. The additional skill of being able to throw rocks to destroy platforms in your way can help, but also confuse as you aim to bag a big combo score.

Also, the game is impossible to take a good screenshot of, so enjoy this video instead! As you can see swinging and aiming sideways is the key to big scores rather than just thinking vertically. 

Simple in its looks, which is no bad thing for a solo indie effect, the focus is on replayability. Licky does have that just-one-more-go appeal, and the further you get, the more upgrades you unlock like double jump, ability to hold more rocks and greater multipliers to boost your score. Watch a decent player making effortless leaps around the screen may drive you crazy, but persevere and you should be able to notch up a decent score. 

Note, this game did ship with some bugs, but a recent patch seems to have fixed those issues. 

Price: £2.49
Score: 7/10
Dev: Bez Does Games
Size: 92MB
Progress: Chameleon slow (over 25K)!